Power Book III: Raising Kanan episode 3 spoilers: Davina confronts Kanan

Raising KananAs we move into Power Book III: Raising Kanan episode 3 next week, everyone is going to be facing the truth — or at least an interpretation of it.

What we saw at the end of episode 2 was tragic — the death of D-Wiz at the hands of Kanan’s uncle Lou-Lou. This was a move that, per Raq, was out of necessity. She could frame D-Wiz as the person responsible for Buck Twenty’s death and with that, bury whatever issues were there with Unique. It’s a way to survive in this world — as terrible as that may be.

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With D-Wiz now gone, what happens next for Kanan? Some of the attention may be off of him as a potential killer, but he will still face a number of questions regardless. Take, for example, what he knew about it. In the promo for episode 3 Davina confronts Kanan, asking him if he knew D-Wiz was responsible for Buck’s death. He has to lie in multiple ways here — he knows that he shot him, but he also can’t link himself to D-Wiz that much either. This is some of Kanan’s biggest practice when it comes to lying, which becomes a natural part of his repertoire as the story progresses.

Beyond Kanan’s story, the promo suggest that Detective Howard will be figuring out how to handle the latest death in the city — and also going on somewhat of an ego trip. He does think that he is the one who keeps everyone in order, and he does it utilizing social politics just as much as arrests. We’ll see if that philosophy holds true through the entirety of the season.

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