Grey’s Anatomy season 18: Why no two-hour premiere this time?

Grey's AnatomyThere are a number of things we’ve come to associate with Grey’s Anatomy over the years. One of them is a two-hour premiere! It’s been a great way to kick off some seasons, as we’ve been able to make up for a lot of lost time.

However, we’ve already seen this fall that we’re not going to get such an event. Instead, Grey’s Anatomy will have a one-hour premiere, followed soon after by the start of Big Sky. Why do that? Why change things up?

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If there’s one simple reason for the change that we can think of, it’s simply this: ABC’s interest in giving Big Sky a shot from the first week of the season. They’ve moved it to one of their better timeslots following Grey’s Anatomy and they want to make the most of that.

There are some other advantages to the Ellen Pompeo drama only getting a one-hour premiere. For viewers who also watch Station 19, it would have made for a three-hour block of programming from the start — that’s a lot, especially for people who watch live and don’t record it on their DVR. A one-hour premiere does also mean there will be another week of Grey’s Anatomy later in the season, as you are not burning two on the same night.

In the end this debate comes down to personal preference — some may miss the two-hour premiere. Others, meanwhile, could be happy it’s gone. In the end, the thing we can (hopefully) all unite on is gratitude that we still have another season of the show in the first place.

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