Big Brother 23 live feed spoilers: Any day 15 campaigns?

FrenchieWelcome to day 15 of Big Brother 23We know that there is an eviction happening in just over 24 hours, so is there any drama there at all?

Sure, we’d love to do something within this piece to build up suspense that a shocking outcome will be coming tomorrow night. That’s just not happening, at least at the time of this writing. Frenchie is a goner come tomorrow night. The man is already packing his stuff!

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Frenchie has claimed that if he does stay, he’ll do his part to cause some chaos in the house … but there aren’t any votes for him at the moment. Even people like Derek F., who was willing to go to the end of the game with him, recognize that he is a sinking ship. Frenchie is encouraging him instead to work with people like Kyland and Derek X. for now, or at least do what he can to further himself in the game. It feels clear that the Slaughterhouse alliance is falling apart at the seams, and what some of those people don’t know is that the Cookout is the real force behind the scenes of the season right now.

Moving forward, Brent and Whitney feel like the obvious targets — even Britini, who was nominated by Kyland, seems to recognize that taking out one of those two is her better move right now. She wants to go back to being under the radar, and making big waves isn’t a good way to do just that. Britini is planning to do most of her campaigning today, not that she really needs to.

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