‘Homeland’ season 3 spoilers: More from Alex Gansa on what’s next (video)

Claire DanesAre Brody and Carrie cursed? While fans of the couple certainly would not want to see it that way, this statement from Alex Hansa at the end of the most-recent “With the Creators” video is something that will be haunting in the months ahead as the writers really start up work on “Homeland” season 3 prior to its launch in September 2013.

The first part of this video (which you can see in full below), is spent talking about the “brilliant” plan that Abu Nazir had constructed at the end of the season 2 finale, and Gansa’s words help provide some clarification on everything. Nazir obviously knew that Brody had turned, and sensing that he really had no way out alive, he therefore used that to his advantage by both allowing himself and some of the people close to him (including Roya) to either be arrested or perish themselves. In doing this, he knew that the CIA would let their guard down thinking everything was over, and then the bomb in Brody’s car would go off.

The one question that Gansa does not answer is something that will hopefully be answered moving forward: how did Nazir know the bomb would go off at the right time and in the right place? This either had to be an exercise in luck and timing, or he had someone else detonate it remotely that he gave instructions to prior to his death. Gansa says that Carrie will now pretty much be Saul’s go-to individual at the start of season 3, and this will likely be a matter that they look into rather closely.

What’s your theory on the bomb at the moment? If you want to view the first “Homeland” season 3 “teaser,” all you have to do is pay a visit over to the link here.

Photo: Showtime

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