Big Brother 23 live feed spoilers: Who won the Veto, week 2?

Kyland YoungThis afternoon in the Big Brother 23 house the Power of Veto Competition took place — but did it lead to a dramatic winner? Has anything changed in the game long-term? Of course, we’ve got a few things to get to in this piece.

The first thing we should do here, though, is remind you of the stakes: Head of Household Kyland nominated Frenchie and Britini for eviction — Sarah Beth won the Wildcard Competition, but elected not to take safety due to the twist. Joining the HoH and the nominees in the Veto today were Alyssa, Claire, and Derek X. — three people who probably would not use the Veto if they won it.

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So here is what we can say about the Veto results now: Derek X. has won again! He has the power to do what he wants now, and odds are, he won’t be doing much of anything. What is the incentive right now in him using it? There could be a push to take Britini off and get Brent up on the block, but would he actually go? Kyland may consider it, but that’s risky since you’d be leaving someone in the game who’d come right back after you.

Ultimately, much of this week for Kyland could come down to this: Do you make the safe move and get rid of Frenchie, or do you take a bigger risk, keep him in the game, and go after someone in Brent who could be a little more of a sneakier threat long-term? Brent can definitely win competitions later on.

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