Big Brother 23: Is there going to be a pre-jury Battle Back?

Big Brother 23For anyone wondering whether or not a pre-jury Battle Back was going to happen on Big Brother 23we now have a pretty clear answer.

Thanks to a new post on Reddit, it is 100% clear that Travis is out of the show bubble and on his way back to Hawaii. This shouldn’t be a surprise for a number of people, and we’ll get into the reasoning as this piece goes on.

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First and foremost, remember that this is a slightly-shorter season than the ones where we’ve seen such a competition happen — it’s the same length as Big Brother 22, and we didn’t see an All-Star season happen then, either. With a smaller number of days, it’s basically impossible for there to be a Battle Back unless you do a number of Double / Triple Evictions in the process.

Perhaps more importantly than this, though, is the virus-related protocols that CBS has in place. After a houseguest leaves the house, they are essentially interacting with a totally different group of people in-person. Even with the cast being vaccinated, bringing a person into the game again could present some risks. With the Delta variant on the rise, especially in Los Angeles County, we don’t think producers are going to want to do anything that puts the game in jeopardy. This is why we’re doubtful that you’ll see a jury Battle Back, as well.

For a lot of people, maybe this is preferable — it should also give the players a greater sense of urgency in the house if they realize that it is unlikely that there will be one this season.

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Are you glad that there is no Battle Back happening pre-jury on Big Brother 23?

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