‘Dexter’: Prepare for Christmas (and season 8) with Sargent Doakes

DexterEven though it may be a little too late to order them in time for Christmas, Showtime has nonetheless proven yet again that they are in tune with just about everything that is going on in the “Dexter” world … including with a certain slogan from Sargent Doakes that, unlike the character, was revived from the dead during the recent season 7 finale.

With that in mind (and if you have not heard already), the network is already launching a pair of shirts with the “surprise, motherf**ker” line written on the front for all to see. Never has a swear word been used so prominently on a TV show (or at least in this way), so if nothing else the opportunity is there now to get one of them and then spook one of your friends while wearing it.

Even though it seems unlikely that actor Erik King could reprise the role again in flashbacks during season 8, we have a feeling that it is not completely off the table. After all, how is Dexter really going to be able to explain away that LaGuerta is dead, and he was also without an alibi, around the time when she was starting to have the proof she needed to put both he and his sister Deb behind bars for their roles in disposing of Travis Marshall’s body. While it may look as though she and Estrada both killed each other, everyone knows that Dexter is a blood-spatter analyst; therefore, he (plus one of the best detectives out there) should be more than a little bit capable of figuring out just how to make a crime scene look perfectly.

If you were Showtime, how much would you want to milk Doakes for the great character that he is … and do you even want to see him show up during season 8? If you want to read some more things we want to see happen in the new season, all you have to do is head on over to the link here.

Photo: Showtime

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