‘Glee’ season 4: Chris Colfer, Kate Hudson take place in season’s top 4 songs

Chris ColferWe are now in the lengthy hiatus in between the fall and winter portions of “Glee” season 4, so with that, why not take a step back and reflect for a moment? While there have been some great moments and some new characters this season, we’re not quite sure that the music has been up to just what many people were probably expecting going into the season. There hasn’t quite been a moment on part with “Don’t Rain on My Parade,” “Teenage Dream,” or the Adele mash-up from last season. Maybe it’s because we have been condition to think that every performance from “Glee” should be Grammy-worthy, or maybe the quality actually has slipped.

Either way, we are still able to single out four numbers that we in particular think show off the best of what the show has had to offer up this season, and of course, we want to hear whether or not you agree or disagree by sharing some of your own picks with a comment below!

4. “Americano / Dance Again” (Kate Hudson) – If there is a way to introduce a sly, aggressive, and harsh character, this is the way to do it: with a great deal of energy, tenacity, and a strong mash-up of two songs that also show off some serious dance ability. Cassandra July has not always been as big of a part of this year as she could have been with a larger episode commitment, but this song set the pace for her as a serious rival to Rachel Berry.

3. “Some Nights” (McKinley cast) – “Glee” has long been known to end their episodes with group numbers, but what was fun about this conclusion to “Dynamic Duets” was that it was something that for just a few seconds, created an illusion that everyone in New Directions was getting along. It also helped to ensure that just about everyone in the group had at least one moment in order to show off their voice.

2. “The Scientist” (Cory Monteith, Darren Criss, Naya Rivera, Chris Colfer, Heather Morris, Matthew Morrison, Jayma Mays, and Lea Michele) – While this song was playing at the end of “The Break-Up,” you were probably cursing at Ryan Murphy through your TV. This was one of the most gut-wrenching performances ever on the show, as we were watching Kurt, Blaine, Brittany, Santana, Rachel, and Finn all go through some of the most trying times of their lives. Even though Will and Emma stayed together through it, this performance is just as powerful for them.

1. “Being Alive” (Chris Colfer) – This is the least-known of any of the songs on the list, but what really made it work so well is that it genuinely felt like Kurt’s song of desperation. He had lost the guy he loved, and was fighting to make his dream of being in NYADA come to life. It was basically for him what “Don’t Rain on My Parade” was first for Rachel so many years ago.

What has been your favorite performance from “Glee” season 4 thus far? If you want to read some more scoop about the future of Brittany and Santana, you can do so over at the link here.

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