Is Yellowstone season 4 new tonight on Paramount Network, July 11?

Is Yellowstone season 4 new tonight on the Paramount Network? Is there hope following the July 4 holiday?

If you are someone out there clamoring for more of the show, we more than understand! Over the past few years, we were in the thick of the season at around this time. That’s just not the case this go-around, as the network has already announced we’ll be waiting a while for new episodes to premiere. There is, alas, no new episode on the air tonight.

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While there is still no particular premiere date for the new season, signs point towards it coming in early November. If that is the case, why not map out how much of the show you’re going to get in 2021? Odds are, at least six or seven episodes will air before we get around to New Year’s Eve, though it could be as many theoretically as eight depending on if Paramount premieres the show the first Sunday in November and if they want to air a new installment come December 26. The season 4 finale, unless there are two-hour blocks a.k.a. back-to-back episodes, will likely air in early 2022.

So why does the network want the show to air so much later? We don’t think it’s because of the virus causing filming delays; instead, we think this is a calculated move to air new episodes at a time where they think the most people will be watching. It’s a gamble, much like it was a gamble for them to move the show to Sundays. We don’t love the extra wait, but it’s worth seeing if this works out for them and it grows the audience. If it does, we will be the beneficiary here long-term since it will allow either more seasons here or potential spin-offs.

Odds are, there will be more promotional content leading up to a season 4 premiere date being announced. To check out the latest teaser, all you have to do is visit the link here.

Do you think Yellowstone season 4 will be worth such a long wait?

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