‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 6: Could new deal impact recurring stars?

THE BIG BANG THEORYWhile “The Big Bang Theory” is considered to have a core seven cast members at the moment (in between Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Howard, Raj, Bernadette, and Amy), they have also had a number of guest stars and recurring players over the years who remain an important part of the show. This includes such people as Howard’s (offscreen) mother, Wil Wheaton, and to of the people we are talking about today: Sheldon’s co-worker Barry Kripke and comic book store owner Stuart.

In a new statement released earlier this past week, Amazon Studios announced that John Ross Bowie and Kevin Sussman, who play the two characters on the CBS sitcom, will be creating some sort of pilot for Amazon Instant Video. In a format that reminds us slightly of the old days of Channel 101, viewers will vote on the pilot they like, and this show will ultimately be produced for Amazon Prime users.

So how does this impact “The Big Bang Theory”? The answer is simple: they would each have a little less time on their plate if this new pilot went through to series. So is this a cause for concern? Hardly, since it seems difficult to believe that this new gig would keep them from popping up occasionally on TV’s most-watched comedy. Kripke has not even turned up since Howard’s bachelor party last spring, and while Sussman is listed as a series regular this year (his first season with this distinction), the show is still only planning on using him in a percentage of those episodes. Now that Howard is back from space, it is also possible that his role will be reduced. His deal is similar to what Sara Gilbert had on the show in the past, and the writers ultimately ran out of things to do for her character of Leslie.

So ultimately, there’s no reason to worry about Barry and Stuart disappearing from this show, just as we have nothing but hope and excitement to see what Bowie and Sussman produce over on Amazon.

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