Animal Kingdom season 5 premiere video: A sneak attack!

Animal KingdomAre you ready to check out the Animal Kingdom season 5 premiere on TNT? We sure hope so, given that it’s coming in just a matter of days!

The first episode back is going to have a TON of ground to cover. For starters, it’s going to have to refresh everyone on the craziness of the end of season 4 — from there, it will have to hit the ground running. Smurf’s death leaves a lot of loose ends that the rest of the Cody Boys are going to have to tackle, and fast.

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The new sneak peek below for Sunday’s episode is admittedly not the most illuminating in the world. Yet, there’s no denying that it’s compelling given that the bulk of it is about Deran and J pulling off the perfect sneak attack. It’s a reminder that nobody is going to be letting their guard down following the death of Smurf and in the end, they can’t. They have to instead figure out what they want the future to look like.

Do we imagine that the season 5 premiere is going to give us a full answer as to which one of the Cody guys is going to end up running the show? Probably not, given that most of the previews have set this up to be a season-long conflict. Nonetheless, we feel like this is going to send us careening down a really interesting road moving forward. We’re beyond excited to dive in.

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Where do you think things are going moving into Animal Kingdom season 5?

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