Could Yellowstone season 5 start filming before season 4 premiere date?

We should start off this article with the following: There is technically no Yellowstone season 5 renewal yet. With that being said, it feels like a foregone conclusion. Why in the world would the Paramount Network get rid of one of their top shows?

What’s so interesting about where we are now, though, is that season 5 could actually start filming long before season 4 even starts up… We’ll explain why within.

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Traditionally, Yellowstone starts filming at some point in the summer and goes until fall. Last year, it was a little bit later due to the onset of the global health crisis, and it could be a late summer start this year, as well. We know from Kevin Costner’s Instagram (see below) that he will be going on tour in late August/early September. That rules out filming taking place at that time.

Is a mid-September start for a possible season 5 feasible? It definitely feels that way, though there is one other factor to consider here: Weather. It snows a lot in Montana once you get around to November and December! If that works for the show, then that’s great. However, if Yellowstone wants to avoid the winter weather altogether, it is possible they could film in the spring and have season 5 still ready for a fall 2022 premiere.

Ultimately, there are still a lot of options at their disposal.  There are also a lot of variables, including when scripts are ready and the cast and crew could be available. Just remember that there’s a chance season 5 is underway long before season 4 premieres.

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