Stargirl season 2 to carry with it ‘Summer School’ subtitle

StargirlStargirl season 2 is one of the most-anticipated shows of the summer and ultimately, there is a lot to look forward to! You’ve got new villains like Eclipso and The Shade, and that’s without mentioning people like Shiv waiting in the wings to cause more havoc.

As we await the show coming back over the next couple of months, why not shift for a moment and talk about titles? We’ve heard already that the new batch of episodes carries with it (per TVLine) the rather-fun subtitle of “Summer School.” It remains slightly unclear if this will be the case for all of season 2 or just the first half but either way, that gives us a sense of setting that we wouldn’t have otherwise. How many high-school set shows actually do all that much in the summer? It feels like a pretty small list.

One of the things we’re most curious about with this season is seeing the patience of Courtney Whitmore tested like never before. After everything that she and the new iteration of the Justice Society of America accomplished, it obviously makes sense that they would want to hit the ground running on saving the day. Yet, what if there’s no need for you to save the day? It’s possible that the JSA could start up trouble where there is none, just for the sake of trying to be a hero. If Courtney feels like it’s destiny for her to put on this costume, then she’s not going to want to sit around!

Beyond the villains, there are some other interesting things coming up this season, as well. Think in terms of some big-time connections to Green Lantern, the possibility of seeing more of Joel McHale as Starman, plus some cinematic battle scenes that we don’t see on many other Arrowverse shows. Even though Stargirl is moving to The CW from the DC Universe streaming service, it won’t be changing much in terms of its look.

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