Australia brings back ‘The Mole,’ but still deciding on ‘The Amazing Race’

TAR AustraliaSince it’s been a while since we checked in some of the latest TV happenings in Australia, now seemed as appropriate time as ever to chat about a pair of sensational reality shows from the country; one that is coming back, and one that is in a holding pattern.

Let’s get the bad news over with: there is still no decision from the network Seven on the return of “The Amazing Race Australia,” even though a casting call as put out at the end of the summer for a third season. Even though we are not Australian ourselves, this is the best international version of the show created, and at times even surpasses the American show when it comes to great casting and exploring interesting locales. The show visited Cuba this summer, and they are also not afraid to spend more time in such North American places as Banff.

In addition to that, the Australian “Amazing Race” actually came up with some cool twists on the game, including a U-Turn that was decided by team vote (which forces you to be reasonably nice to other teams and amps up the drama) and the Salvage Pass that gives the first-place team on the premiere a chance to save the team in last, or get a head start on the next leg.

This “Amazing Race” situation is one of the reasons why there is a part of us that wishes that there was some sort of international network that carried shows like this along with “The X Factor” UK, “Celebrity Big Brother,” and the also excellent “Amazing Race Asia” for North American audiences. It would help the show pull in a little more revenue, and we’re sure the higher budget plus the lower ratings are both reasons why the future here is in jeopardy. There are a ton of people, after all, who watch this show who are not in Australia.

Now for “The Mole” – As long as we are a TV writer, we will never stop campaigning for “The Mole.” This is one of the best and most original reality TV properties out there, as it takes strategy, skill, and intelligence into account as you play a game to figure out who is the traitor among you. The show has actually fared better Down Under than in America, where we have not heard from it in over four years (and even longer if you consider that the show’s awesome heyday was when Anderson Cooper was host).

Seven, luckily, has confirmed that “The Mole – Culture Clash” will air next year, which makes us wonder whether or not Grant Bowler (who hosted this before “The Amazing Race Australia”) will end up returning. If only there was a way for Americans to actually watch it on TV … which brings us back to the suggestion above. There are still millions of people who miss it, mostly because reality TV has been dumbed down into being paint by numbers as of late.

If you want to see what we know already about the next “Amazing Race” in America, you can do so over here.

Photo: Seven

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