The Boys season 3: Prepare with new Vought News Network videos!

The Boys

Just in case you thought that the wait until The Boys season 3 was insufferably long, rest assured that the folks at Vought are here to help.

In the video below, you can see the first of many Seven on 7 videos that “Vought News Network” are going to be putting out throughout the hiatus. These are canon entries into the universe of the show, and are meant to bridge the gap between the end of season 2 and the start of season 3. From what we’re seeing so far, they are also hilarious.

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This particular edition features a cameo from Jim Beaver as Secretary of Defense Robert Singer (Supernatural reference, anyone?). You hear about Hughie getting his new position aboard Victoria Neuman’s staff, and also about Homelander’s seclusion following what happened to Stormfront. Since this is Vought news, of course it is packaged together like the most insane propaganda imaginable.

We almost don’t want to spoil it, but perhaps the funniest thing throughout all of this is the My Pillow spoof “Our Sheet,” which has an ad halfway through the news broadcast. There is so much political satire in here that you have to imagine the writers having a field day putting this together.

Remember that there is no premiere date as of yet for The Boys season 3, but we hope to find out more information soon. The news broadcast does tie in one of the biggest themes for the upcoming season: How superhero culture ties into American history. It’s been ingrained in so many Americans in this world of The Boys that they are not often willing to see the evil right in front of them.

Does watching this make you more excited about The Boys season 3?

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