‘The Newsroom’: Aaron Sorkin to grace ‘The Simpsons,’ possibly to mock Fox News

The NewsroomBy and large, Aaron Sorkin is known for his skills as a writer (“The Social Network”) along with a mastermind behind popular television shows (“The Newsroom,” “The West Wing”). However, he will be putting some of his voice-acting skills to the test when he graces an upcoming episode of “The Simpsons” set to air at some point in 2013.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Sorkin will make a brief cameo in an episode that focuses on a career crisis for Kent, as the character struggles just to figure out whether or not he is happy with his current job reading the news for Springfield. With that in mind, we’ll let the show’s executive producer Al Jean explain the rest:

“Kent has decided that local news has been a real mistake and a terrible career move for him … He wants to interview with a big cable news channel and goes to Fox News.”

Sorkin’s cameo will come via a though bubble as Kent tries to figure out whether or not this is the right move for him, and we anticipate there being some major mockery coming up given that “The Simpsons” have made their opinions very clear as of late about the cable news network, going as far at times as to accuse them of twisting facts and being extremely biased in their reporting. In return, many Fox News personalities have criticized “The Simpsons,” which is all especially ironic since the show and the network share the same parent company.

Gordon Ramsay, according to Jean, will also be appearing in the episode as they attempt to make sure that Fox is also equally mocked over the course of the episode.

“The Newsroom” was recently a surprise Golden Globe nominee for Outstanding Drama Series, and it is currently in the process of shooting its second season. If you want to see some more casting for this show, you can over at the link here.

Photo: HBO

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