Big Brother 23: Will Derek Frazier talk about his dad, boxer Joe Frazier?

Derek FrazierWith the premiere of Big Brother 23 coming to CBS in just two days, why not take some time to dive into the houseguests? Derek Frazier is someone we’ve been really excited to talk about for a while, especially the more that we see him and hear about him.

On the surface, the most obvious thing about Derek is that he’s the son of late boxing icon Smokin’ Joe Frazier; yet, he’s also so much more than just that.

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The most appealing thing about Derek based on first impressions alone is that he’s fun. He’s a big personality who will be valuable in the house — when you get stressed out in there, you need someone to make you laugh! He feels like the sort of guy who you’ll be 100% convinced that you’re friends with, even if he is conspiring your demise behind your back. He could be a little sneaky, and we can tell from the video snippets that we’ve seen that he will have no issue playing the game hard.

Derek is also one of those castings we’re super-thrilled to have this season — it doesn’t feel like we’ve had someone exactly like him in all of the years Big Brother has been on the air.

The Joe question

If you’re Derek, do you tell the other players about your dad? You don’t need to, and there are pros and cons to doing it. The advantage is that maybe this helps you bond with some of the more athletic bros in the house — you can share a ton of great stories! The flip side, though, is that people could make assumptions about you based solely on your dad and you don’t get to shine in your own spotlight.

Personally, we’d talk about it here and there — just don’t force it into a lot of conversations. It’s hard to keep up a lie in that game all summer and we wouldn’t want to do that.

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If you were Derek Frazier, how would you talk about your dad in the Big Brother 23 house?

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