Big Brother 23: Will the team twist help or hurt the game?

Big Brother 23We’re just a handful of days away now from the Big Brother 23 premiere and it goes without saying that we’re excited. How in the world could we not be? We’re talking here about our first newbie season in two years and one where there are some intriguing twists from the get-go.

Of course, we know that one twist is polarizing already: The dividing of houseguests up into groups of four. It’s one that should be reminiscent of Big Brother 11 and Big Brother 14 — luckily, we really like both of those seasons! The idea here seems to be to dissuade people from just forming an eight-person alliance right away and running the game — but will that actually work?

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The answer to this question in some ways is complicated. There are still ways, even with teams, that these huge alliances can form. This twist just makes it a little easier for them to fall apart. Alliance members would have to weigh keeping their fellow team members safe versus their allies — we’re sure they are aware that the team twist will be short-lived, but if someone on your team wins HoH, you’re safe for the week! There is strength in numbers in that sense; you do want to keep these people around for a while. It may also give some people added incentive to work with people who they may not work with otherwise. Maybe they’re on a team with people who they wouldn’t communicate with all that much in their day-to-day lives.

It’s not as though we’re fully against the idea of some enormous Big Brother alliance in theory, given that we’ve seen so many of them over the course of time. Our larger issue is more with how it’s usually the same people in them — athletic people, showmances, models, and largely younger players. We want to see a wide array of people make it far! If teams can change that, so be it.

We don’t that there are a lot of people out there who cling to the idea of the purity of Big Brother, and that means less forced twists put upon the players and the audience. Our response to that, however is pretty simple: Since when has this game ever been pure? The answer is “pretty darn close to never.” After a pretty boring and straightforward season 22, we’re ready for a change.

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Do you think the team twist will help or hurt Big Brother 23?

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