NCIS season 19: What Mark Harmon appearances should we expect?

Mark Harmon

NCIS season 19 going to be a difficult one for those hoping to see a lot of Mark Harmon since it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Early reporting suggests that Gibbs will only be in a small fraction of the season — hence, why producers are bringing Gary Cole in. He’s not replacing Gibbs on the team, but he may fill in the gap in terms of his screen time.

So what sort of Gibbs appearances should we expect? Are there some that we can bank on? We want to take you through some of what we could foresee taking place throughout the season…

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The first appearance from Harmon will almost certainly be the season 19 premiere. After the events of the finale, it feels almost impossible to not include the fall out of what happened to Gibbs! This could be where we learn how he survives and we learn what almost happened to him — maybe he and/or Marcie (shouldn’t she return?) will reveal who is responsible in this episode. If not, we expect it to be wrapping up in episode 2. If nothing else, we’re sure the first episode or two will help to explain why Gibbs becomes more of an off-screen presence on the show.

If NCIS wants to turn Gibbs’ hunt for the truth into some ongoing storyline, they could bring Harmon back here and there throughout the season to continue it. If he’s only in a small handful of stories, it would make sense to space out the appearances so he’s not gone for TOO long. It’d be important in our mind to have him back for a potential holiday episode — after all, don’t you want to remind everyone that NCIS is a family? We also think it’d make a certain degree of sense to have him back for the season 19 finale, especially if it turns out to be the series finale. Our biggest concern is that we will only have Gibbs in the first few episodes and then he will be gone from the show. We do have sprinkles of Ducky throughout, so we know the show has done something like this in the past.

Whenever Gibbs is featured on season 19, we’re sure there will be very specific reasons. If the producers/writers only have him for a handful of episodes, they’ll want to make the most of them.

When do you think we will see Mark Harmon throughout NCIS season 19?

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