Yellowstone season 4: Is a July 11 premiere date possible?

YellowstoneIs there a chance that Yellowstone season 4 could premiere on July 11? There are some reasons to think it’d make some sense to bring the Paramount Network show back then. It’s the Sunday after the Fourth of July, so you don’t have to worry about any competition from the holiday. Also, it’s two Sundays before the Olympics are underway, and you probably don’t want to kick off the show in the midst of that. It would be, in theory, the perfect spot in order to launch the show and get attention on it.

Unfortunately, we are also not the ones making the programming decisions…

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This week the network released their schedule through July 11 and unfortunately, there is still no new Yellowstone on it. We know that there is a marathon airing over the holiday weekend, but that’s the most content that Paramount seems to have planned, at present. (Let’s cross our fingers for some good news to come out then!)

So does this news mean that the show is off the air until at least August? Not necessarily — you could still get a lot of promotion out of July 18, and maybe the network won’t actually care about Olympics competition in late July. Yet, we’re pessimistic about the chances of new episodes airing before at least August. Remember that it makes some sense for them to put out a trailer at least a few weeks in advance to build up buzz! This is their #1 show, and it makes no sense for them to promote it at the last second.

Whenever Yellowstone season 4 premieres, it will be kicking off with an answer to one of the most epic cliffhangers ever: Who among the Duttons attacked made it through? Are John, Beth, and Kayce still in the land of the living?

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