The Bachelorette: Katie Thurston posts unaired Justin, Hunter content

The Bachelorette, Katie Thurston

Should Tre and everyone else on The Bachelorette listened to Andrew S. and not started a dust-up over Thomas? The longer we get away from the episode, the more we’re inclined to say “yes.” That is especially the case when you see a lot of content we missed because of all of the drama.

One of the things that Katie Thurston has done a great job at during the season is highlighting some of moments she had with the guys during production — a reminder that so many of them are so much more than what we see during the edit. She’s supported the majority of her men all season and for good reason — with a handful of exceptions, most of them seem to be great!

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In a new series of posts on her Instagram Stories today, there are a few different things we learned about some of Katie’s guys.

Justin – At some point during the cocktail party, he took Katie outside to play some volleyball. Clearly, not all of the event was spent with guys discussing Thomas at every turn.

Hunter – The night of the cocktail party was a celebration of his sobriety, so Katie joined him in being sober for the night — and fed him some cake.

James – We learned that he was born in London! Also, that James is still on the show — that guy has received almost zero screen time since the start of the season after his strange entrance of being in the gift box.

We hope that this is something that we see for the remainder of the season, if no where else at least on social media. Of course, we’d love a little more on the show itself; while a certain degree of The Bachelorette is about the drama, we also do watch for the romance and to see these relationships blossom!

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