NCIS season 19: How will Wilmer Valderrama’s Nick Torres move forward?


As we prepare ourselves for NCIS season 19, there is one character in a fascinating spot and that’s Wilmer Valderrama’s Nick Torres.

After all, just think about what happened at the end of season 18! This is a man who took a long time to open up after so many years undercover; it was clear that he had fallen for Ellie Bishop and now, she’s gone in such a way that she wasn’t even going to say goodbye to him. The grounding force of his life departed out of the blue, and that’s without even mentioning that his father figure in Gibbs has been suspended from work and there’s no guarantee that he will come back at all! Reports for now indicate that Mark Harmon will have a limited presence in season 19.

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So when you think about Torres’ story moving forward, it’s clear that this is not going to be the same sort of year for the character where he’s been open, trusting and having a lot of fun with the team. With the people that he cared about stepping away or leaving his life completely, he could easily be less trusting of the world around him. He may rebuild those walls out of fear of getting hurt again. While Nick doesn’t like to show that he is vulnerable, we know that he is. This season could feature more of his rebellious side.

In the end though, we hope Torres doesn’t completely backslide into who he was when he first joined the team. One of the most important things with NCIS is evolution, which is why on our end, we’d love to see a new probie enter the team, someone who Torres could help mentor along side McGee. We want to see him take on different responsibilities and be more of a leader. If Gibbs is gone for good, the other agents will have to pick up the slack. While we imagine that McGee will be the team leader, we think that Torres has a lot to offer here and use his experience to help.

On the romance front, we just hope that there isn’t any. After the heartbreak of the finale, we don’t want to see Torres get into some other relationship. Maybe he has a casual fling to try to get over Bishop but like we said, we don’t want to see him forget about everything he’s learned the past few years.

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