‘Dexter’ season 8 spoilers: What do we want to see?

DexterNow that we are jumping headfirst into the holiday season, which consequently means that there is going to be a little less in the way of news, why don’t we get a little bit more reflective when it comes to some of our favorite shows? When it comes to “Dexter,” we are in particular moving into some interesting territory. Even though the ratings have led to some speculating that a season 9 could happen, we do believe that season 8 will be the end. It’s a great way to end the series without it growing too tired for anyone’s good, especially since the show is back to some of its creative roots now.

We’ve composed a list of some of our own suggestions below, but we want to hear some of your thoughts as well! The good news is that the writers are already hard at work on some of the show’s final episodes, which means that we should have a better idea as to where the show is going to head moving forward a little bit sooner than usual.

1. No traditional big bad – We’ve already heard that this will not be happening, but it is worthy of being emphasized again. The last thing a show like “Dexter” needs at this point is a villain coming into play that takes time away from the other characters. If there is a primary villain introduced, they better well make it someone so evil that it blows Trinity out of the water and makes it all worth it.

2. Tie together loose ends – We don’t buy the notion that the Lumen story ended with her just running away; it was said at one point that she and Dexter were soulmates, and it feels almost like revisionist history that suddenly Hannah McKay is the only one who understood Dexter fully. We think that both Julia Stiles and Yvonne Strahovski should be back, and Dexter should have to choose if he can really coexist with either one of these women. If not, he’ll be forced to live his life alone (or with Deb, but we don’t think the show is planning to go there now that Deb has murdered LaGuerta in order to save her brother’s life).

3. Consequences – At one point, it felt as though the show would be okay ending with Dexter going about his business. Now, that’s not possible anymore since innocent lives have been harmed. Dexter has to pay in some way for what he has put his sister through, whether it be by either him finally being brought in (which would be satisfying if Batista or Deb takes him in), or by him being killed by someone important to the series, as well.

4. Real subplots – Is it too much to ask for Masuka to finally find love, and can Quinn actually keep himself from being an unholy mess for the rest of his life? We’d like to see our supporting cast develop some real sort of plan for the future.

If you want to see some of what the writers are working on when it comes to this show at the moment, be sure to head on over to the link here.

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