Legacies season 3 finale: Does Malivore have Landon possessed?

LegaciesWe knew entering the Legacies season 3 finale on The CW that things were going to be crazy — but just how crazy did they get?

We suppose that the first huge, jaw-dropping moment came when we realized that Landon was being possessed by Malivore. This character has been the center of everything from the very beginning so really, we can’t be shocked that they went in this direction. This show loves to torture this character — hey, at least he’s still alive, right? (We do wonder what this possession means in terms of the Hope/Landon relationship and the timeline of events.)

Then, there is everyone coming to terms with what Landon-as-Malivore did, plus the parts of the past that had already been forgotten. Lizzie and Josie learning about Cleo’s demise was not an easy thing for them to realize, but they were able to move past it. (With that being said, it does seem as though Hope’s on friendship probation for a little while.)

Let’s get back to Cleo now since technically, she’s not gone from the show. Being devoured by Malivore means mostly that you’re thrown into a world of madness and darkness. She found herself lost for the closing minutes of the episode — or at least until she saw a bright light. She ran towards it, but where “it” brings her is the real question mark for that character.

Before we could get an answer to her condition, the show shifted quickly and we saw Landon. Or, at least Malivore Landon. He was trapped within a case and clearly, there’s no easy way to escape — that’s a good thing given the fact that he’s incredibly dangerous. So how’s that for a cliffhanger? It feels like the show’s got the central villain in a spot where he’s trapped, but you gotta think early on in season 4 everything will flip on its head once more.

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