The Blacklist season 8 finale: Was Reddington’s identity revealed?

The BlacklistWho is Raymond Reddington on The BlacklistWhat is his true identity? These have each been questions that have been asked for almost the entirety of the show.

Yet, entering tonight’s big finale “Nachalo” there was more hope than ever that some of these questions would be answered. All of the promotional material out there suggested that Reddington was going to inch closer to that ultimate truth, even if there was no guarantee he would say everything on his mind.

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There were a lot of major theories out there entering the episode, with one of the biggest ones being that he was actually Katarina Rostova. Meanwhile, another one suggested that he was somehow the real Reddington and that he never truly died in the fire. There were also people who felt like Reddington may be a sibling of the original Reddington or Katarina, and that would give him an explanation for the loyalty that he’s shown towards Liz over the years.

So did we learn the truth tonight? Well in a word, no, though there may be different interpretations. We suppose that some could view the closing seconds as some evidence that Reddington was Katarina since she was in her final visions, but we don’t really view it that way. Instead, the only thing we know for sure is that if Liz knew who he was, she wouldn’t want to kill him … which she didn’t do anyway, given that she was shot in the closing seconds.

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What were your expectations on Reddington’s identity entering The Blacklist season 8 finale?

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