The Boys season 3 spoilers: Meet Gunpowder, Supersonic, and Blue Hawk

The Boys

What would The Boys be without a ton of different Supes each season? There are multiple new faces coming on board the show this season and here’s the twist: None of them come from the source material.

If we were to theorize about these characters before introducing them, we’d say that none of them are likely to be huge drivers of the plot — though they each could still have a role in the story involving Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) or the current state of the Seven.

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All of the casting info below comes courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

Supersonic – There’s a part of us here that immediately thinks of what happens when you get all of the Chaos Emeralds in Sonic the Hedgehog. Yet, this is obviously a totally different character. There is no information about his powers out there, but we can easy imagine someone with the ability to transmit sound waves and shatter the hearing of his foes. Miles Gaston Villanueva will be playing the part.

Gunpowder – Sean Patrick Flannery of The Boondock Saints is playing a part that really should speak for itself. How is your name Gunpowder unless your powers have something to do with guns? We suppose that this could be the joke…

Blue Hawk – Easily, this is the most mysterious of the three characters, though we like to dream that this is some sort of demented spin on Hawkman. Former Revenge star Nick Wechsler will be taking on the role.

With The Boys season 3 currently deep into production, we like to imagine that the show will be streaming on Amazon before the end of the year — we’re sure that they would love for it to happen, given that this is one of their most-popular shows.

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What do you think these three characters will bring to The Boys season 3 overall?

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