Big Brother 23: Will it have extended premiere on CBS?

Big Brother 23With each passing day we get a little bit closer to Big Brother 23 and for now, we have a LOT to be excited about! In just over two weeks the full season will be here, and there are a number of little milestones to prepare for along the way. Think in terms of the cast reveal, the announcement of certain twists, and of course making all of our predictions.

Beyond all of this, there is of course the very-welcome news that there will be an extended premiere on Wednesday, July 7.

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As of right now, CBS has confirmed that there will be a 90-minute start to the season, and that is something we celebrate for a wide array of different reasons. For starters, it can be hard to get to know a full cast of players in just an hour. Also, you need time to introduce any potential twists into the game!

Personally, we hope that the producers use this time in order to focus back in on what makes this show so special: The social experiment part of it. With great casting and unique characters, the show does not need to be micromanaged in the way that it sometimes is. The only twist we’re hoping to see is something that eliminates the possibility of a huge night-one alliance running the show, whether it be teams, pairings, or some other device that renders this run-of-the-mill strategy more challenging. If the motto of the show is “expect the unexpected,” you can’t allow players to have a pre-game plan they can come in and run flawlessly. Divert expectations the whole way around!

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What are you the most excited to see within Big Brother 23?

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