‘Two and a Half Men’ season 10, episode 12 preview: Alan plays rich

Jon CryerWhen “Two and a Half Men” season 10 returns to CBS on January 3, it will be doing so with an episode that is set to take Walden and Kate’s love story (which is really based on the fact that Brooke D’Orsay’s character thinks he is somebody else) to the next level, at least when it comes to making her more than just an “aspiring” fashion designer.

As we have told you about already in the official press release from the half-hour, Ashton Kutcher’s character is going to enlist the help of Alan to pretend to basically be him: an extremely wealthy man who wants to help her invest in her business. Judging on the fact that she is going to have a runway show in New York the very next week, we are pretty clear that Alan’s answer here is going to be a pretty firm “yes.”

Money is in fact power, so how in the world is Kate going to handle becoming a sudden player in the fashion world? This answer could very well shape the course of her story on the show. We have already said that she is one of the most-grounded ladies “Two and a Half Men” has ever had, but if she believes that Walden’s “Sam” is going to hold her back, she could end up trying to push forward with someone else in her life. (Then again, she may feel gratitude if he takes it upon himself for setting her up with Alan, or whoever Alan is supposed to be in the first place.) Personally, we’re just hoping that the future of their relationship is strictly dependent on whether or not Walden tells her the truth about his identity.

What do you think about this brand-new photo above that shows Alan’s impersonation of a rich guy? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below!

Photo: CBS

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