The Bachelorette episode 3: Was Karl eliminated by Katie Thurston?

The Bachelorette, Katie ThurstonAs we prepared for The Bachelorette episode 3 on ABC, there was one thing we wanted to see desperately: Karl get eliminated. It’s no offense to the guy outside the show but based on the edit we’re getting, he’s clearly not conducive to a positive environment in the house.

In episode 2, Karl decided to be the one to stir up drama by telling Katie that there were multiple guys in the house for “the wrong reasons” — however, he declined to give much information as to who they were or why they weren’t right for the show. This led to 1) all of the guys getting mad at him and 2) Katie Thurston becoming all the more uneasy and understandably paranoid. While this may be a silly reality show in a lot of ways, it’s also her life. Her final choice will be a big part of her future.

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Based on what we’ve seen from Katie across both her season of The Bachelor and then this show, we didn’t expect her to put up with a lot of nonsense. Our feeling was that she’d sent Karl home sooner rather than later — but did that prediction prove true?

The first thing that was shocking about the episode tonight was that there was no formal cocktail party after Karl’s drama. Instead, we went straight through to the Rose Ceremony. This is where something happened that was legitimately brand-new: One of the guys spoke up on behalf of the group that Karl was trouble. Everyone (other than Karl) was in full agreement on it.

Katie said to Tayshia and Kaitlyn that she was planning to keep Karl; yet, after the guys intervened, she changed her mind. Overconfident Karl was (thankfully) gone, and there was much rejoicing. His exit was unceremonious, with nobody saying much of anything to him.

What did you think was going to happen entering The Bachelorette episode 3?

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