The Blacklist season 8 finale: Five loose ends that should be addressed

The BlacklistWith The Blacklist season 8 finale set to arrive on NBC in just two days, we know there’s a lot that needs to be addressed. We already expect that the writers and producers won’t get to everything, but that’s because they’ve opened so many doors already!

There are some specific loose ends, however, that cannot be ignored — those are the primary focus of this article.

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The first thing worth noting here is what we’re not talking about. There’s no point to get into the likes of Ressler’s condition here or whether or not Liz will reunite with Agnes; these are things the promo for the finale is already addressing. Instead, we want to venture a little more off the beaten path…

1. The Takoma Park House – Back in season 1 we saw Reddington blow up this home, a place that harbored painful memories for him. It looked like the real Reddington lived at this home with Carla and Jennifer, but supposedly, that Reddington is dead. Why would an imposter have such a painful attachment to that place?

2. Diane Fowler – She supposedly had the truth about Reddington’s family, but he opted to kill her, thinking he could get that information somewhere else. What info did she really have?

3. Cape May – Was Reddington really there, and why was his story alongside Katarina there different from what we saw last week? It could be that Reddington is Katarina (that theory is out there), but there could be another explanation, as well.

4. Alexander Kirk / Constantin Rostov – Katarina’s husband appeared throughout season 4, convinced that he was Liz’s true father. Eventually, Reddington whispered something to him to convince him to leave, but what was it? Has he been with the real Katarina all of this time?

5. Dembe’s comments at the end of season 4 – A conversation between him and Reddington revealed that something may have happened to Katarina that Liz may never forgive them for — and it may have justified in part Reddington keeping his secret. What was that?

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What loose ends do you want to see tied up on The Blacklist season 8 finale?

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