The Blacklist season 8 finale spoilers: Will Reddington’s illness return?

The BlacklistWe’ve seen a number of huge subjects be addressed leading into The Blacklist season 8 finale, but a big one still remains MIA: Reddington’s illness. What is going on there? More than that, why isn’t the show really addressing it in the way that they could?

It’s been weeks now since the subject has been broached, and on some level, we do think that the mystery disease adds a sense of urgency to everything James Spader’s character is doing. A part of why he chose to tell Liz the truth, other than the threat posed by Townsend, is that he may not have a chance to down the road. If she is to understand who he is, explaining what’s going on is an essential part of that.

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So will Reddington actually disclose his illness? There’s no confirmation of that, but without at least another clue, the mystery feels incomplete. It may not explain to Liz who he is, but it would help to explain his desire to push her into running the empire. He may not have a lot of time left and because of that, he wants to inject a lot of information into her brain.

Knowing the illness is just a part of the mystery — beyond that, there are questions of what caused it and then if there is some sort of cure. It feels like there are reasons to be pessimistic about the latter already, but can you be confident of anything with this show? It’s hard to…

If there is one reason why the writers choose to not discuss the illness in the finale, it’s simply to give themselves one more mystery to hold on to. After all, the tale of Reddington’s identity could be at an end on Wednesday night and beyond that, what else is there? (Sure, there is the topic of a Burn Notice out on Liz, but we’ll get more into that soon.)

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Do you think Reddington’s illness will be a plot point again entering The Blacklist season 8 finale?

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