NCIS season 19: What lies ahead for Sean Murray as McGee?


As we prepare for NCIS season 19, what is the future going to hold for Sean Murray as Timothy McGee? As you would imagine, there is a lot to talk through here!

At the center of McGee’s stories will have to be about Gibbs. Is he coming back to the team? So much of Tim’s story is dependent on what happens with his one-time boss out in the field, and addressing this will have to be paramount for whatever comes next.

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Provided that Gibbs does come back, it could be interesting to explore more of how McGee changed as a de-facto leader while Gibbs was gone. He’s never going to be Gibbs, but we also don’t think he wants to be Gibbs. He may have developed his own way of doing things and there could be some tension here. We don’t think there would be a power struggle or anything of the sort, but could we get some awkward moments where the two both try to lead an investigation?

If Gibbs does end up leaving, there is definitely going to be a lot to explore when it comes to McGee figuring out if he even wants to slide over into his position — also, what sort of leader does he want to be? He’s certainly capable for that responsibility and he’s earned it after being a part of the team from season 1, but we don’t want to lose the quirky, fun McGee in the process of him having to take on a leadership role.

Also, we want to make sure that we continue to see some of the fun time side stories — take, for example, diving more into his marriage with Delilah! The picture above is from “Sunburn,” an especially fun season 18 episode that showed him working in a rather unusual environment.

There’s also one more thing we need to see: Tim handling the exit of Bishop from the team. The two had a great friendship — they even went to conventions together and she left without even a goodbye. How will he handle that?

NCIS season 19 is currently set to premiere on CBS this fall.

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