Lucifer season 6 spoilers: What will Chloe’s story look like?

LuciferWe know that we’ll be waiting for a good while to see Lucifer season 6 arrive on Netflix — that much is a given. What’s a little more of a mystery is how certain stories will wrap up.

Take, for example, Chloe Decker opting to quit her job as a detective in order to assist Lucifer with his transition to godhood. It was one of the more polarizing twists within the second half of season 5, as it represented a pretty fundamental shift to the fabric of the series. What will the story look like if there are no cases?

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Luckily, it does still seem like the writers are going to make this the Lucifer you love, but with a little bit of a twist. In a new interview with Neural Cluster, writer and supervising producer Chris Rafferty had the following to say about the plans for Lauren German’s character, noting that originally, season 5 was the final season and they didn’t quite think about what lied beyond that:

“…When we were faced with doing one more season – uh oh! Chloe’s not a detective anymore! What do we do for cases of the week? Luckily, you can’t take the detective out of Chloe, and we had no trouble finding the narrative drive for the stories in our final season arc.

“If anything, it pushed us to be more creative than ever. Our ‘cases’ will be more personal than ever, allowing us to really focus on our main cast of characters as we approach the end.”

It is far too early right now to know what some of that will look like, but we’re definitely excited to check out some of these “personal” cases. Hopefully, they allow for the entire cast to have moments to shine, especially people like Ella and Amenadiel who didn’t have huge arcs over the past eight episodes.

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What do you want to see when it comes to Chloe’s story on Lucifer season 6?

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