The Blacklist season 8 episode 21: Could Katarina Rostova be alive?

The BlacklistWe know that there are all sorts of theories fluttering around out there about The Blacklist season 8 episode 21, especially in terms of that bunker. What’s in there? What is so incredibly mysterious that Raymond Reddington forcibly hid it from Elizabeth Keen for so many years?

We can’t help but have one moment from the past repeat in our head time and time again — it’s from the end of season 4, where Dembe insinuated to Reddington that he go ahead and tell Liz the truth. However, there was a fear expressed there that if Liz realized the truth about what happened to Katarina, she would never speak with James Spader’s character again.

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Could this have just been a reference to the attempt on her life in Belgrade? Maybe, but there are other interesting thoughts here, as well. Maybe it’s tied to the notion that Reddington “framed” her to be N-13. However, what about this theory — Katarina is still alive and Reddington has been purposefully hiding her. She could be in that bunker! The Katarina who was killed may have been an imposter or someone brainwashed to think she was the character; remember that Reddington said to Liz recently that her mother “was never killed.”

Another idea, as dark as it may be, is that Reddington could be keeping Katarina prisoner — even if it’s for her “safety,” that would explain how this could be unforgiveable in Liz’s eyes. Judging from the idea that Reddington has Katarina’s blessing to do this “thirty-year project” on the Blacklist, we do at least like to think there was a cordial relationship here at some point.

We’re sure that we won’t get answers on EVERYTHING during Wednesday’s episode. We just hope that we learn a little bit on Katarina. We’ll take whatever the writers give us!

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