The Blacklist season 8 finale: Could Neville Townsend make it through?

The BlacklistAs we prepare for The Blacklist season 8 finale on NBC this Wednesday, one of the most surprising things is geared towards Neville Townsend. After all, he is not the title character for the episode!

If you were to ask us a good month or so ago, we would’ve said without blinking that “Neville Townsend” and “Neville Townsend: Conclusion” are the final installments of the season. After all, this is what made the most logical sense. Typically, the show wraps up its Big Bads within a year, give or take. The Katarina arc, for example, would’ve been wrapped up in season 7 had the show managed to finish on their own terms. That just didn’t end up happening due to the virus.

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Now, however, it seems like the show is somewhat changing course. The final two episodes are entitled “Nachalo” and “Konets,” and when you thing about that alone, it looks like we’re ending with two huge mythology-based stories. It’s hard to imagine Neville exiting or dying without a proper episode bearing his name, so we have to imagine now that we’ll see his story go into season 9 in some shape or form. It could be over within the first few episodes there … or maybe somehow, they find a way to extend it further.

In the end, Neville has been a pretty-popular Blacklister — beyond just that, he’s clearly the highest-ranking person left unless something crazy is going down. Odds are, he’s going to be #2 behind only Liz; that would be the only thing that makes sense given how long he’s been around and just how dangerous he’s shown himself to be.

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Do you think Neville Townsend makes it through The Blacklist season 8?

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