Power Book IV: Force: Is season 1 filming still going strong?

Power Book IVWe’ve said this a few times over, but it still bears repeating: We’re very much excited to check out Power Book IV: ForceAs a matter of fact, it may be the most highly-anticipated version of the entire Power universe right now. This represents a direct continuation of the story of Tommy Egan, who we last saw during the season finale of Power Book II: Ghost. He wrecked all sorts of havoc there, but in the end, made it clear that he would never see Tariq again.

Now, his story starts anew in a new place, and with a whole new purpose.

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Thanks to a new Instagram Stories post from Power franchise creator Courtney Kemp, we know that filming for the Chicago-set Book IV is very much still going strong. One of the things we’re actually most curious about is how Tommy’s story ends up here, especially since Power itself made it seem like he was West Coast bound. We know that this show will be about him starting his new life, but we’ve come to know over the years that a Power player doesn’t quite change his stripes overnight!

So when is Book IV going to premiere?

That’s a perfectly good question right now! Unfortunately, it’s also not one there is a clear answer to at the moment. With both this show and Ghost season 2 in production at the same time, we imagine that one could air this fall while the other premieres in the winter. It comes down mostly to whatever the folks at Starz want to do. One of the goals is to create close to a year-round event out of this franchise, where a spin-off is airing at almost all times. There is Power Book III: Raising Kanan this summer and beyond that, Power Book V: Influence is still in the early stages.

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What do you most want to see when it comes to Power Book IV: Force?

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