Is Athena Karkanis leaving Manifest? Did Grace die in season 3 finale?


Entering the Manifest season 3, we had visions of answers. Maybe not all of them, but we hoped for a few clues about Flight 828.

When it comes to Michaela, she made it clear during this episode what her big choice was: Protecting Saanvi after the death of The Major. She recognized that doing this made sure that the passengers didn’t get hit with even more stigma. Jared was hurt by her choices, but that wasn’t the only thing going on in his head: He still has feelings for Michaela. It was enough that he had to end things with Sarah. We thought this was a bombshell, when really it was just scratching the surface of what was coming.

Now, let’s move over into everything else with Saanvi, who appeared to be in grave danger for at least some of the episode. She ended up being okay; not only that, Ben ended up following Cal’s request and destroyed the tailfin. Their mission was a success and because of this, Cal claimed in the midst of a Calling that there was still a chance. A chance of what? Add that mystery to the checklist, but it sounded hopeful. For the record, Cal, outside of the Callings, was missing for a chunk of the episode.

In the closing seconds, we saw things get even crazier — for those of you who had all sorts of theories about Angelina being up to something nefarious, you were right. She found Baby Eden and took her. That scene with her with the flames at back = truly insane.

Let’s get back to Cal for a moment here — in the closing seconds, we saw him alive. However, it wasn’t exactly how you would expect — he was older, and he returned right as we all saw Grace die. She was stabbed by Angelina in the midst of her quest to kidnap Eden! Does this mean that Athena Karkanis is leaving the show for good? Based on what showrunner Jeff Rake told TV Insider, we’re certainly concerned:

“There’s nothing flip about this. There’s nothing manipulative about this. There’s nothing spiteful about this. This was part of our story, and her significance in Manifest remains as strong as ever. Her character lives on through Cal, through Olive, through baby Eden, and of course through Ben as he tries to carry on without her.”

Losing Grace at this point would be devastating, especially since so much of this season has been about her recognizing the importance of these Callings and the larger mission. For now, though, we unfortunately have to consider her gone based on Rake’s aforementioned quote … but this is Manifest and with that, the door is always left open for surprises. Remember — Cal aged up years in the span of a single episode!

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