Jersey Shore Family Vacation season 4 episode 17 video: Angelina rumors

Jersey Shore Family VacationNext week on MTV Jersey Shore Family Vacation season 4 episode 17 will be bringing you chaos — and a lot is tied to Angelina!

At first, this episode could be all sorts of happy and pleasant. Just consider where it’s starting off! Mike is celebrating his five-year anniversary of being sober and this presents an opportunity to bring Snooki back into the fold. We know that a lot of people were excited to see her again, and we’ve got a good feeling that she’ll bring the party — is anything more on-brand for her than that?

Well, here’s the thing: Shortly after the celebration, some drama is going to start to make the party vibes short-lived. What is it going to revolve around? Think Angelina. As the promo below indicates, you’re going to see a video lead to all sorts of crazy rumors and eventually, she will be confronted on it. For a few more details, take a look at the attached synopsis:

Snooki returns to celebrate Mike’s five-year soberversary, and the roommates begin to plan their next big family vacation. But everything comes to a screeching halt when a wild rumor surfaces involving Angelina, her marriage, and chicken tenders.

How can you read that synopsis and not be curious? One of the things we’ve heard about rumors over the years is that they’re often less crazy than they appear to be on the surface, and such could be the case here yet again. Yet, we gotta hear her side to the story to go alongside the video “evidence” that is floating around out there. (We just wanna know at this point how the chicken fingers are involved…)

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