NCIS season 19: When should Tobias Fornell return?

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It feels like the start of NCIS season 19 is already set in stone — they have to resolve that Gibbs cliffhanger, right? We know that Mark Harmon’s character survives that boat explosion since we saw him swimming away, but there are still questions aplenty about who tried to blow him up and whether or not Marcie will be back?

For the time being, we want to focus a discussion on a slightly different subject: Tobias Fornell. The last time we saw him, it was immediately following the death of Emily. He was devastated, and it was by far some of the best work we’ve seen from Joe Spano and Mark Harmon collectively. We have made it no secret here at the site (as well as our YouTube channel) that we love Fornell; with that, it’s hard for us to just see him left in that place.

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So when could Fornell actually return? Given the love NCIS’ producers seem to have for the character, it seems reasonable to expect him in the first half of season 19, provided the right story falls into place and Spano is available. A good bit of time will have passed since the death of Emily and clearly, Gibbs could use a friend he can trust right now since it seems that someone might be trying to kill him.

There is another important reason for a Fornell return, and that has every thing to do with the uncertain future surrounding Harmon on the show long-term. We know that he’s going to be back next season, but no one has confirmed a specific episode count. With that in mind, we almost feel like producers need to seize the moment with Gibbs and Fornell whenever they have a chance!

More than likely, we will see NCIS season 19 premiere on CBS this fall, but if you want more scoop on the show, the click here.

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