The Blacklist season 8 episode 20: Liz’s scar, and the secret in Latvia

The BlacklistTonight’s The Blacklist season 8 episode 20 was transformative — one of the most important episodes of the entire series, in fact. In the closing minutes, we started to get a sense of what Raymond Reddington has been up to this whole time!

So where do we start? Let’s get into Liz’s scar, which has been a part of the show from the very beginning. We knew that it was connected in some way to the Sikorsky Archive and the entire center of the mythology — and it now seems like an inspiration-of-sorts to just about everything. The pain that Liz experienced is something that Reddington never forgot about, and he chose to centralize his operation at a place that looked similar on a map.

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We’ve also seen Liz’s scar (or at least something similar to it) on a box early on in the series’ run — it’s clear that Reddington has been using this as a symbol for his operation the entire time. Also, whatever base he’s constructed in Latvia is almost a physical manifestation of The Blacklist itself. This is the project that he has been working on for the better part of the past three decades, and something that he considers to be his life’s work.

What about Katarina Rostova?

Of course, there are questions aplenty about her, as well. It seemed as though Reddington confirmed in this episode that she is not actually dead, even if we saw him kill a woman claiming to be her. There is clearly more to this story, and maybe that is something that the show will pick up and dive further into next week.

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