Prepare for The Boys season 3 with a new Starlight music video!

StarlightUnfortunately, The Boys season 3 is still a while away from premiering (no official date has been given yet) — but that’s not stopping Vought from unleashing new content!

In the video below, the (fictional) corporation at the heart of the show has unveiled a brand-new music video for “Never Truly Vanish,” the song performed by Starlight at Translucent’s funeral. It was both incredibly dark and wildly hilarious when Erin Moriarty first sang it; now, it’s even more so. It reels you in from the first few seconds where we see Translucent’s costume.

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Thematically, the entire production of this video is brilliant. The Boys is a great superhero series, but even more so, it’s a fantastic satire of corporate America and the dark side of fame. It’s all about the idea that a company like Vought could create a narrative of Translucent being this tremendous person that people end up adoring, but who by all accounts was actually creepy, gross, and just awful.

The best part of the music video, by far, is the sea of invisible dancers all around Starlight at around the midway point of the video. Oh, and of course the video transitions into full-color at the end so that Annie can show off some of her powers. How else could an emotional ballad like “Never Truly Vanish” end?

Production has been underway for some time now on The Boys season 3, but Amazon has yet to announce a premiere date or even show a teaser. The top headline around it for now is the role of Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy, an early Supe who will be hugely significant to the overall story this time around. Technically Stormfront is also still out there, but we have a hard time thinking the producers will want to focus on her in her current form.

Are you more excited than ever now for The Boys season 3?

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