NBC’s ‘Smash’ season 2 spoilers: Sometimes, it’s better to forget

SmashAs we teased earlier this week, a number of media outlets have already had the lucky opportunity to check out the “Smash” season 2 premiere (which airs for everyone else on Tuesday, February 5), and with that in mind, we are starting to get some answers to some burning questions that are floating around out there.

For example, we are going to find out very early on during the episode whether or not Karen landed the role of Marilyn Monroe in the musical, in addition to just what happened to Karen’s one-time boyfriend Dev. As for the fate of another cut-out character in Ellis … let’s just say that you are not going to be hearing anything at all. According to TV Guide, the fate of the character is not even addressed in the premiere, which may be the TV gods’ way of saying that it is better to just forget that this oft-maligned character ever existed to begin with.

We are not sure we have seen a more universally-loathed character on TV in recent years than Ellis, who was blamed in many ways for being one of the major reasons why no one ever really had much of an idea as to what was going on with the show at all times. In defense of the character, though, he was far from the only problem in that many of the other familiar faces on the show would have sudden personality shifts, and the drama at some points became far too over-the-top even for something theatrical.

Are you okay with “Smash” simply choosing to pretend as though Ellis never even existed? Be sure to share what you think below, and you can also read some more scoop about Karen’s upcoming story over here.

Photo: NBC

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