Lucifer season 5 finale: Is Lucifer the new God? The journey

LuciferThe Lucifer season 5 finale served a lot of purposes — it tied up loose ends, gave us powerful moments, and also raised questions aplenty about the future.

No matter what the future holds, though, there is one thing that feels fairly clear: Lucifer Morningstar is the new God. Who would’ve seen that one coming?

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While it may seem somewhat surprising to have the one-time King of Hell be in control of the whole universe, it actually does make some sense. For starters, he has a significant amount of managerial experience, and he also has shown tremendous growth over the years. He recognized in the second half of this season that he needed to be God for the sake of others, and it wasn’t just about his own selfish desire to have control.

The other surprising part of this was Amenadiel’s own recognition that he didn’t want to be God. With that, it came down to Lucifer and Michael in an epic showdown to see who got the role. Michael at one point killed Chloe, and it was Lucifer’s journey to bring her back and sacrifice himself in Heaven that likely led to him being named God once and for all — this proved just how worthy he was. Ultimately, you could say that this was all a part of the original God’s plan … no?

As for Michael, he was defeated but now has a second chance on Earth — another sign of the way in which Lucifer wants to be God. This episode felt like it could have been a series finale, though we are still excited to have more down the road.

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