‘Homeland’ season 3 spoilers: One major behind-the-scenes change

HomelandWhen “Homeland” season 3 does air next year, it is not going to be anywhere near the exact same show that we saw in 2012. Not only are we likely going to be seeing a completely different story with Brody overseas and with his family largely out of the picture, but there are also going to be some major changes to the writing staff behind the scenes.

When you consider that the show is really build up of writers who have all managed to have successful shows before in the past, it only makes sense that many of them are going to be yanked away by other projects now. At least three of the show’s leading writers, including co-creator Howard Gordon, could end up leaving to help run other shows in the new year; and with that in mind, executive producer Alex Gansa tells The Hollywood Reporter that they are going to have to do a pretty substantial overhaul of the show’s writers’ room in the new year if they want to ensure that they keep the same level of quality high:

“The writing staff will be slightly — or more than slightly — changed next year … We have to find the right person to fit into the group and who also can bring something to the show. That’s my priority over the holidays: to sit down and read a bunch of people and get a list of writers together.”

The writers are already going to begin mapping out some stories for the new year in January, so Gansa does not really have a great deal of time to figure this out. The good news, however, is that he has likely been at work on this for quite a while now, especially since this was something he had to anticipate was coming.

Are you worried that having such a turnover could impact a show like “Homeland” harder than most, especially with all of the talent here? If you want to find out more on who is returning for the new season, you can do so here.

Photo: Showtime

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