NCIS season 18 finale sneak peek: Gibbs gets help from Kasie!

Mark HarmonThe NCIS season 18 finale is coming to CBS in just under 24 hours, and this is one that Gibbs fans are absolutely going to want to see. Could this be the final episode for Mark Harmon as a full-time part of the show? It’s a question that is ABSOLUTELY on our mind right now…

Unfortunately, the sneak peek below doesn’t give you all that much in the way of insight as to Gibbs’ future. Yet, it does show you that he still has no problem asking active members of the team for favors.

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What does Gibbs need some help from Kasie for? More than likely, it’s the case he is working on with Marcie. They’re seemingly getting closer to the truth but in doing that, they are also in a situation where they are putting their own lives at risk. While Gibbs doesn’t want to clue Kasie in on everything that he is doing, she recognizes that there is danger involved. Whether or not she alerts the rest of the team, meanwhile, remains to be seen.

While we wish that Jethro was around the rest of the team again around the clock, we do at least appreciate the writers giving him little moments with so many characters. The best part of this whole scene may actually be the start of it, as you can see Kasie struggling to figure out whether or not the meeting is supposed to be some sort of secret. (Also, kudos to her for wanting to go back to the diner after what happened to her and Jimmy there.)

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What do you want to see from Gibbs in the NCIS season 18 finale?

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