‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 6 spoilers: For the love of comic fans!

The Big Bang Theory CastYou knew this was coming at some point on “The Big Bang Theory,” and we are honestly rather surprised that it has not happened before now: the cast heading off to a comic-book convention in order to share thoughts with other like-minded individuals. We don’t know just what episode this will be in moving forward in season 6, but we are almost assured that this is going to bring about a great deal of hilarity as hopefully Leonard will try to fit in, Raj will try to re-live what he did with Howard at their last comic-con (but this time hopefully without him present), and Sheldon will completely obsess over everything.

Want even further verification? Just listen to what executive producer Steve Molaro recently told TVLine on this very subject:

“We are going to touch upon our first look at the guys taking a trip to a comic-book convention … And that will be a fun one. That’s looming in the distance.”

The one question we have for this episode now is a simple one: will Penny go? If she does, you know that she, coupled with some of the other ladies, could only add to the hilarity as they try to understand just what is going on around them. Of course, the sight of Penny at such a convention might yield the writers to composing scenes of random geeky guys fainting; with that in mind, we propose a challenge: dear “Big Bang Theory” scribes, make sure you do plenty of research before composing this episode. There are always women like Penny who dress in costumes (many of them skimpier than what she has ever worn on the show), and only a few of them have managed to distract guys from the subject matter for longer than a few seconds.

What do you think about the idea behind this episode? If you want to read some more “Big Bang Theory” season 6 spoilers on Sheldon’s shirt, you can do so over at the link here.

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