Why did Tom Cavanagh leave The Flash, Harrison Wells in season 7?

Earth-2 HarryWhy did Tom Cavanagh leave The FlashIf you’ve been watching the show for a while, you’re like aware of the actor’s absence. He is no longer a series regular, even if he has made appearances here and there, most recently as Timeless Wells. The man has played so many iterations of the same character, though the iconic one to us remains the Reverse-Flash version of Wells from the first season. That still may be one of the greatest seasons in the history of the Arrowverse.

As with all exits, the departure of Cavanagh from The Flash had a lot of different variables put into it. In the end, though, the actor confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that it was 100% his choice to exit the show. Not only that, but he started to thing about the end circa the fifth season:

You also have to keep in mind that the show you’re doing is not called Wells. It’s called The Flash. At a certain point I [thought] in the back of my head, “I’m going to do this for as long as I really feel challenged and it’s enjoyable and that I’m contributing to Flash’s story line.” I thought after [in a French accent] Sherloque was tracking down himself, the Reverse Flash [in season 5], even early on in that season, “Yeah, this feels like I might be heading towards the exit now.” I thought [that would be] a perfect denouement. The Wells characters have been fun, but like we say, the show is called The Flash and it’ll be fine without me.

Ultimately, things evolved and Cavanagh was supposed to exit after season 6. Yet, he opted to return for the start of season 7 to finish up the storyline cut short by the health crisis. We know already that he is not the only series regular departing this season, as we’re also set to say goodbye to Carlos Valdes.

Is it possible that Tom returns to the show down the line? He makes it clear to the publication that he’s open to the idea. Personally, we’d be shocked if he doesn’t turn up again, so long as he is available to do so.

Are you going to miss Tom Cavanagh on The Flash?

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