‘Shahs of Sunset’ season 2, episode 3 review: Will MJ and Reza remain friends?

Shahs of SunsetNow that the dust has settled with the fight between GG and Asa on the “Shahs of Sunset”, everyone has started to pick sides. While almost everyone is on Asa’s side, because they don’t condone violence, MJ is flipping back and forth between sides. When GG shows up, she doesn’t show any remorse  for fighting with Asa, because she feels that she has the right to stick up for Omid when no one else would.

Lilly organizes a dinner and invites, Reza, Asa and MJ, saying that she’d like to get to know MJ a little better since Lilly felt tension from MJ when they first met.  Reza calls MJ and tells her that Lilly has invited them out to dinner, but MJ is skeptical about the intention behind the invitation.

GG’s father asks her to meet him and her sister Leila to discuss the hair extension company, but the discussion goes from zero to sixty in about three seconds when Leila starts goading GG about her never having a job and not doing her job with the company.  After a heated exchange of words, GG says that she’d like to cut her sister’s face with a knife, in front of her father (who strangely doesn’t address the violent comments from GG).  The conversation ends with GG storming out of the house, telling her sister that she can change the name of the company to something else and that she will sue her for breach of contract. When Leila confronts her dad about enabling GG, he doesn’t really have any answers for her.

At Lilly’s dinner (before MJ arrives as she is perpetually late for everything) Reza tells tells them that he and MJ had sex twice, even though he already knew he was gay at that point (totally the weirdest dinner conversation ever). When MJ arrives, before they’ve even ordered their meal, MJ tells Lilly that she’s looked her up online and found photos of her holding her dog coconut to her bare chest and that it’s completely inappropriate.  Lilly says that she’s flattered that MJ took the time to cyber stalk her and MJ retorted saying that she didn’t know anything about her and was just trying to get to know more about her. Reza calls MJ out on her jealousy and MJ compares her relationship with Reza to a cheating husband, saying that he will have his little flings with his new girls but will always come back to her.

The next day at the office, Reza has convinced the hiring manager to bring Mike on board with the company and MJ is still clueless that Mike will be joining the group.  At this point Reza has had enough of MJ never showing up to work and wants to move forward with Mike instead. When MJ shows up to the office at noon, the claws come out – Reza is making snippy comments about her never being at work and her outfit, while MJ tries to say she defends him to other co-workers, but calls him fat in the process. Mike comes into the office for his interview and MJ is shocked to learn that Reza wants to partner up with Mike, leaving her on her own. MJ and Reza’s argument gets out of control when he tells her that he’s mad that she’s aligned herself with GG – someone who threw him under the bus on Twitter a few months before.  Reza says that he would’ve been there for MJ if the roles had been reversed.

Will Reza and MJ be able to work  things out and salvage their 20 year friendship or has there been too much damage done? Are you siding with Asa or GG when it comes to the fight over Omid?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you thought of this episode of “Shahs of Sunset”.

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