‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 8 spoilers: More on Barney, Robin, Rachel Bilson

How I Met Your MotherIf you have watched Monday night’s new “How I Met Your Mother” season 8 episode already, then you already one the big news: not only are Barney and Robin back together after one of the biggest “plays” in the history of Neil Patrick Harris’ character, but they are actually engaged. This move set up the endgame for the series perfectly in that the pair will either have the next eleven or so episodes to prepare for a wedding in the series finale, or so that they can tie the knot in the final episode of season 9. (We still believe that the final scene will be of Ted meeting the Mother.)

So now that Barney and Robin are finally moving forward into the next phase of their lives, what is next for them? Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Craig Thomas assures fans that there will be no more fooling around on Barney’s part, but there will still be struggles:

“Barney is still Barney. So we’ll see what it’s like for Barney Stinson to really be engaged and really know that ‘This is the last woman I want to be with.’ We’ll see Barney struggle with reconciling those two parts of himself– the [womanizing] manipulator and the guy who’s got the girl. How does he behave and make sure it all goes well? Ultimately, it’s not going to be Barney constantly looking at other women and asking, “Did I make a mistake?” and angst and all that. It’s not that … The challenge is that it forces you to tell new kinds of Barney stories and so far, episode 13 and 14 are really fun Barney episodes. In episode 13 we see Barney have to deal with Robin’s super scary father, who they forgot to ask permission from to get engaged. So we see them go through that process.”

As for the story of Ted, that will also be kicking into high gear at the moment. Thomas confirmed that Rachel Bilson will be returning at some point next year (as reported) in the role of Cindy, who of course has a very direct connection to the Mother in that they were roommates at one point.  We also know that Ashley Benson will be around (possibly as Barney’s sister), but Thomas would not share any details about this part, either.

What do you want to see happen with Barney, Robin, and Ted moving forward? If you want to read our full review about the proposal, you can do so over at the link here.

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