‘Gossip Girl’ series finale review: Who is Gossip Girl, and who’s married?

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For some “Gossip Girl” fans, watching season 6 of the show has proved to be a time of great frustration. With that in mind, let’s hope that the series finale allowed some satisfaction for everyone, even though we are sure that is an impossible task given the polarizing nature of the show’s fans.

While the show wrapped up with a conclusion that was in some ways shocking and polarizing, it was at least a conclusion. All of the main characters got an opportunity to have their due, and they also managed to even include a cameo from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to boot.

Since everyone saw the wedding between Blair and Chuck coming, let’s manage to push forward to the biggest question of all: who is Gossip Girl? As it turns out, let’s just say that Gossip Girl is a man. Dan Humphrey came up with this plan to make himself into a member of the Upper East Side by exposing so many of their secrets, and all of the pieces started to fall into place as to how he pulled it off. He simply took it back from Georgina and Serena when they were done, and he purposefully exposed Jenny because she wanted to get out of the country.

So once the cat was out of the bag (and everyone was surprisingly okay with it), where did the show go from there? With a surprise! The show flashed forward five years, to where Nate was successful and running for Mayor, Chuck and Blair are parents to a little girl, Jack and Georgina had struck a bond, and Serena and Dan were getting married. A few weeks ago, we could have never seen this coming. In closing things off, we had one final message from Gossip Girl: she’s never really over. Even though Dan is done, someone else out there has taken up the reigns; and really, we have to say that this mystery ended what was a fairly satisfying episode (even if it could have gotten a bit more emotional in the process).

What did you think about the way in which the show ended? If you want to hear why the decision was made to reveal Gossip Girl’s identity to begin with, be sure to head on over to the link here.

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